About Me

I'm an entrepreneur who has started multiple companies. Two of those companies were acquired as a turnkey solution to larger companies needs, the third was my production company, which I managed for 14 years. The fourth company is Skubes, which is currently in operation in the education the industry today and was recognized by Dig South as one of the best education startups.  My most recent venture, The Local Gym in Dallas Georgia, which I've taken from 168 members to 2100 in less than 18 months.


I'm a twenty-year veteran of the entertainment and advertising industry, I've been in charge of everything from commercials, television pilots to live broadcasts and ad campaigns.  I’ve been featured in the Markee Magazine twice, once on the cover.


I have experience managing employees and contractors throughout my twenty plus years in business. I've worked on hundreds of projects and national ad campaigns with budgets more than $1 million.


I've been recognized with 14 national & international awards from my peers in the industry of film, video & advertising.


As a consultant, I can bring this experience and knowledge to your small business and show you how to maximize your businesses potential.  

Small Business & Marketing Consultant

I'm an experienced and highly innovative digital marketing director and brand manager, with 20+ years of hands-on experience in managing, setting priorities, and consistently delivering results.  Possess in-depth knowledge of business development and brand management, with an agency, corporate, and small business experience.  I have worked on hundreds of projects with budgets from $100k to over $1 million.  


I have increased the performance and profitability of diverse product and services through expert innovative branding and advertising strategies.  Using a mix of creative and analytical skills, plus more than 15 years of experience in creative and brand development of promotional and branded.  

Further, as a small business owner for over 20 years, I can help start ups and small business owners understand how to streamline there efforts in the business and get more of your time back, which can be dedicated to the task that are most important to your small business.

Producer, Writer, & Director

I started my career in photography and film, which later also included video.  As one of the first digital editors in Atlanta, and one of the first 10 beta testers for Apple's Final Cut Pro, I've continued to use and push the envelope of how digital imaging can be used in broadcast and online marketing. 


I like helping open peoples eyes to the advertising possibilities that are available today.  Many of which will not empty your pocketbook, and allow for targeted distribution and results tracking that far surpasses what was available for advertising just 5 years ago.  

First, a well written and produced ad, print or video, is needed to hit the mark and to drive traffic to your business or pages.  Today's consumers have advertising in their faces constantly and without a well thought out message and visual, your message may be lost in the clutter of ads we see every day and do not pay attention to.  

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